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Rules for all Users Registered - Strictly NO Copyrighted Material


Post by admin » Thu Apr 27, 2017 4:17 pm

Users using this site should adhere to the terms & conditions.

1. Strictly NO Copyrighted material Allowed in this site! Do not post any copyright images/videos (in case of copyright issue, we reserve the right to delete such posts/topics without proir notice, we will inform the user the reason after deleting)
2. No spamming is allowed, posting links that direct to anything that is not related to videos/links will be deleted and user is banned instantly without any warning.
3. For users uploading videos and images (Only should use &
4. Images should be inline and thumbnails are recommended
5. Only Indian & Asian images/videos are allowed to post in this site, Other videos/images are NOT allowed
6. Child pornography and other explicit illegal material is not allowed, any user seen doing this will be reported to the authorities!
7. Bestiality is also not allowed. Do not post images/videos of any illegal activities such as gore, real rape and murder in this site
8. Users MUST post caps of the video, Users MUST mention the duration of the video while posting


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